Torah Goes to the Movies / Reading Lists

Torah Goes To The Movies

These are some of the movies and books Rabbi Henoch refers to in his D'var Torahs. Periodically, Rabbi does an entire shiur about a particular movie. Times and places for these are shown at the bottom of the page.

If you're looking for something to rent, these are some real winners. [Some of them are not for children, so please read the reviews.]

Rabbi's suggested reading list follows the movies. (Watch for occasional additions to these lists.)

Synopses follow the movie titles, many taken from the Rabbi's discussions. Click on the titles for details. [updated 7/13/04]


Other people's recommendations:

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January, 2008 updates:

Recommended movies: Murderball, The Chosen, Forgiving Doctor Mengeleh.

Recommended stories: The Transposed Heads.

Recommended Books: IN THE WARSAW GHETTO SUMMER 1941. Photographs by Willy Georg with Passages from Warsaw Ghetto Diaries


Suggested Reading:

  • The Painted Bird / Jerzy Kosinski
  • East of Eden / John Steinbeck
  • Escape From Freedom / Erich Fromm
  • Flatland / Edwin Abbott
  • The Invisible Man / Ralph Ellison
  • Joseph and His Brothers / Thomas Mann
  • Man's Search for Meaning / Viktor E. Frankl
  • Operation Shylock / Philip Roth
  • Soul on Ice / Eldridge Cleaver
  • The Slave / The Dibbuk / The Penitent / Isaac Bashevis Singer
  • Enemies - A Love Story / Isaac Bashevis Singer
  • The Hebrew Letters - Channels of Creative Consciousness / Rabbi Yitzach Ginsburg
  • What Makes Sammy Run / Budd Schulberg
  • Shivitti: A Vision by Ka-Tzentnik 135633 [ISBN 0062508709] Auschwitz and LSD
Halacha/Jewish Philosophy:
  • The 39 Avot - Melacha of Shabbat / Rabbi Baruch Chait
  • Shemirath Shabbat / Yeshua Y. Newirth
  • Code of Jewish Law / Ganzfried Goldin [Shulchan Aruch]
  • The Secret of Jewish Femininity / Tehilla Abramov
  • The Laws of Kashrus / Rabbi Benjamin Forst
  • Sacred Fire / Aish Kodesh
  • The Holy Fire / Pizetzer Rabbi
  • The Way of G-D / Moses Chaim Luzzatto



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