Anyway & Simcha VI


Yaakov S.

Original Dreck Sin, fearing extinction and being a piece of dreck around which the world revolves, seeks certainty, continuity - forever (le-olam). Original Dreck's strategy of choice is Acquisition and it's derivative More. More may yield outer security (for a while) but it also yields inner insecuriority - such that there is never Enough and More of More is needed - in an endless pursuit of an ever retreating certainty.

Original Dreck Sin creates More-ons which is what "makes Sammy run" (other than prune juice).
In more Cash Flow we trust.
In more achievements we trust.
In more aliyahs we trust.

Beneath the word trust, beneath the word's assumption of assurance, reciprocity, obligation, is the hope of safety.
Certainty through safety.
Yet, sought after safety - harvests only increased anxiety.
The false promise of this safety - this hope of trust -is provision forever (le-olam). Instead, the painted ponies just go up and down over and over - solve problem, phobia #1 and problem phobia #2 is promoted. Trust isn't to be trusted Trust is a self serving deceptive trade practice of the pyschobabbaltariat and religioustariat feeding on the sin of Original Dreck. Instead of trust, the yield is disappointment. The only thing rearranged is the dreck seats on the Titanic (a new Guru, shrink, religoustariat).

The "hole -y" safety net of trust - shuffle-bored on the Titanic.
By contrast, Original Incompletion one isn't "bad, evil" but unfinished. Rather than acquiring the ever retreating More, in Original Incompletion, one seeks to correct to earn Teshuvah (the return) through deeds & efforts - Tikkun Olam. The correction may be habits, flaws etc. But the connotation is unfinished not a piece of dreck.

Inner security is sought via correction, deeds, faith, and efforts internalized in an outer world of insecurity. Rather than relying on the external trust (except for Hashem), anyway is chosen - developing one's portion rather than seeking anothers. Ethics are kept and practice when no one is looking - anyway. Good deeds that will go punished are done - anyway. Good deeds that are impugned by others as ulterior motives are done - anyway. Correction is done - anyway.

Safety is in Hashem and the earned Teshuvah - anyway.
The real trick is doing Teshuvah, anyway, with Simcha.

Simcha is a Hebrew word for joy that has become an unchallenged motherhood statement like God, Mom and Apple Pie.. Is this simcha /joy sitting around a campfire roasting weenies and marshmellows, holding hands, and singing Cumbaya? Is this joy the name of the girl who gave you your first hickey in 7th grade? Is Simcha an elusive fall back bromide - one cliché removed from nachas? How does this Simcha relate to the Yatzer Bortz inclination? Or is Simcha merely a word that falls between shmendrick and tuchass in The Joys of Yiddish?

What is Simcha, what is it's nature in Original Incompletion and Teshuvah?
Original Sin/Dreck is no great pleasure - no simcha. Original Dreck is a ball and chain and foot on one's neck. Original Dreck is a prison without walls. Responsibility derived from Original Dreck is out of guilt and shame -'certainly' not out of simcha.

Responsibility, in Original Incompletion, comes from completing, finishing, correcting - lifting, despite and although- anyway. This anyway is a release. The release of this burden of guilt, shame, Original Sin is, in a way, Simcha. But rather than just a release from the negative of Original Dreck, Simcha goes to being and becoming what one was put on this earth to be by Hashem. Simcha comes from developing one's portion (purpose) rather than envying another's, comparing, or palliating with another acquisition.

While Original Dreck requires an ever increasing "more," to get off, the simcha of Original Incompletion Anyway fulfills & paradoxically develops its portion knowing it is enough - Shaddai is enough. Original Incompletion develops the good eye of Anyway resonating a knowing simcha. This simcha of purpose - as it corrects, includes and then transcends. In contrast, Original Dreck represses, supresses, finally manifesting as an unshaven John mug shot photographed on Colfax Ave. or St. John's Church published in the Aurora Sentinel.

Simcha - meaning, developing what one was meant to be, is a re-lease on life - to 'ethical anyway', completing, and correcting in contrast to the defending, comparing, and shaming of Original Sin Dreck . The simcha is in the journey of the return (Teshuvah). The simcha is in a finishing correcting Teshuvah centered life - rather than the success ($, aliyahs, degrees, awards, achievements) centered life. Simcha is a guardianship conversion process - turning the liabilities of it's incompletion into assets for self and others - anyway. With simcha, purpose and portion are developed from man's unfinished weakness- from incompletion- without the Damaccles sword of Original Dreck, guilt, shame, blame, defend over one's yarmulke.
Anyway Simcha releases the olam - hidden - paradoxically into the le-olam (forever).
Anyway Simcha.

Be this as it may, it is just this commentator's opinion and observations anyway.